Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

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To maximize the value of your case

  • With over 50 years of combined experience handling personal injury claims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the attorneys at DiSandro & Malloy have handled countless cases with varying factual circumstances and injuries. This experience gives us the ability to value each individual case to ensure that our clients receive the best result possible.
  • For example, our attorneys recently secured a $150,000 arbitration award for a rear-end collision resulting in the aggravation of a degenerative condition of the cervical spine.  That result was the product of a host of factors, including choosing the right forum, client preparation, witness selection, the manner in which the case was presented, and simply knowing recent results involving similar injuries and circumstances.

To safeguard against giving damaging statements

  • It is our policy to advise our clients to refrain from giving recorded statements to insurance companies unless in the presence of one of our attorneys.  We do this because even a seemingly inconsequential statement regarding the happening of an accident or the injuries sustained can have a very damaging effect on a personal injury case, whether it is in the form of admission or an inconsistent statement.
  • In the event that a recorded statement must be given, we thoroughly prepare our clients to give an advantageous and truthful account of what happened.

To protect your rights into the future

  • When an insurance company settles a case with an individual, they will require him or her to sign what is called a release.  Simply put, once signed, the injured person is precluded from bringing another action against the insured in the future.   Sometimes, however, these releases can be overly broad, jeopardizing an individual’s ability to recover additional sums for wrongs committed by others.  These “others” can even be persons or entities that were unknown to the injured party at the time of signing.
  • This is why we pay extremely close attention to every release our clients execute, and we insist that certain, protective language is included in order to protect our clients’ future right to recover additional money.

To be your authority in the area of personal injury litigation

  • It goes without saying that the law is complicated.  Laws and regulations implicated by a personal injury claim are no different.  For example, there are certain legal requirements – including very strict notice provisions –  that must be met in order to bring a claim against a public entity.  There are even time requirements an insured has to meet in order to successfully bring an uninsured motorist claim in accordance with his or her own insurance policy.  The examples are boundless.
  • Limiting our practice to representing the injured, our attorneys are skilled and well-versed in the area of personal injury litigation both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We have the experience required to successfully and swiftly navigate through any personal injury case.

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