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Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act

In Pennsylvania, if you are injured while on the job you are most likely entitled to benefits under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act. In part, the Act states: “Every employer shall be liable for compensation for personal injury to, or for the death of each employee, by an injury in the course of his employment, and such compensation shall be paid in all cases by the employer, without regard to negligence, according to the schedule contained in sections three hundred and six and three hundred and seven of this article.”

Benefits under the Act mainly consist of (1) lost wages and (2) payment of medical expenses. Although workers’ compensation may appear clear-cut on its face, the reality is that navigating Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation statutes can be an overwhelming and confusing task. For example, the employee must meet certain deadlines for reporting, fill out appropriate forms, and meet continuing reporting obligations. In addition, there can often be disagreements as to whether the employee was in the course of employment at the time of injury or even whether the employee fits within the statutory definition of “employee.”

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