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If you have been injured in an SUV rollover accident or suffered injuries because of a collision with an SUV, you may be eligible for compensation under Pennsylvania’s personal injury laws. But you may need a lawyer’s help to collect.

SUV Rollover Risk

The risk of SUV rollover accidents is well documented. The vehicle’s increased height on a relatively narrow frame make the vehicle more likely to tip in response to sudden direction changes. The vehicle’s increased weight often leads to crushing injuries or accidental deaths of those inside.

The risk of SUV rollover accidents has been known nearly since the SUV’s introduction to the U.S. auto market in the early 1980s. But auto manufacturers have had attorneys working hard on their defense. You may need an attorney working hard to help you collect for your injuries.

SUV vs. Cars

When a car and an SUV are involved in a collision, the car and the passengers in it are more likely to sustain more damage and injuries.

While the increased weight of an SUV provides added safety to those insidein an accident, the extra weight increases the likelihood of fatalities of those in a lighter vehicle it strikes. According to a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, a 1,000 pound weight differential between vehicles in a collision increases the risk of fatalities in the lighter vehicle by 47%.

The height of SUVs compared to cars also results in more damage. Because the bumpers of SUVs and cars do not line up, the higher SUV bumper is likely to slide up over a car’s bumper in head-on and rear end accidents. This causes significantly more damage than if the two bumpers collided.

Let Us Handle Your SUV Accident Case

DiSandro& Malloy, PC in Philadelphia, PA is equipped to handle all types of SUV accidents. Our lawyers have experience with motor vehicle collisions involving SUVs as well as SUV rollover accidents. Our attorneys know how to research and investigate your accident to build the most effective case to help you collect the compensation you deserve.

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