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A slip and fall can occur at any time and any place. There are numerous factors which create a danger zone for a slip and fall to occur. Whether it is a poorly marked construction site, a manhole that has not been maintained, a large crack in the sidewalk, icy conditions, or water on a linoleum floor, the damage created from a slip and fall can be devastating.

Our Approach to Slip and Fall Recovery

DiSandro and Malloy has a long history of helping victims of slip and falls in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both in and out of the courtroom. From the moment we receive the first call, we work with our clients to understand the case. We believe in a one-to-one approach, wherein we work to achieve a personal relationship with each client. Each slip and fall client at DiSandro and Malloy is treated like a member of our family.

As soon as we conclude our initial meeting, our team begins an intensive investigation to uncover all of the details of the incident, including where it happened and how it occurred. We work with experts to determine what factors contributed to the slip and fall and whether those factors were out of the control of our clients. Our focus and goal is to help make our clients whole again, both financially and physically, wherever possible.

The DiSandro and Malloy Difference

Disandro and Malloy is a firm with attorneys licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We not only say we care about our clients on a personal level, we demonstrate that care throughout the entire process. Whether the client is able to settle out of court or must take the trial to litigation, we will be there every step of the way. We believe in answering client call as soon as humanly possible and answering any and all questions asked about the stages of the case as the client asks.

If you are involved in a slip and fall, call the personal injury attorney experts at DiSandro and Malloy today!

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