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We’ve have had the pleasure of helping clients in Philadelphia, PA and Southern New Jersey resolve their cases with successful outcomes. Check out below what they have to say about it.

I have never had the need for a lawyer until now. Doug and Rob were extremely helpful. They walked me through each step of the process. I never felt like I was being left in the dark. If I had any questions via email or phone; they got back to me very quickly. Doug and Rob were both professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would easily recommend them to any family or friends of my own.

~ M.G.

I would like to express my appreciation for your entire organization for your tenacity to work through to ensure our success.

From the very beginning of realization of what had actually happened after a traumatic car accident, you were there. You were a presence to me that exuded trust, you listened, you were supportive, detailed, specific and honest as my professional legal representation. That’s what I learned to trust in, that you were going to be my representative. I know that this is your job, but, this is my life; I am so very grateful.

During my long recovery time, I did not realize the impact of the circumstances, but you did. You worked through with respect, compassion and support, leaving me to rest in what myself and my family needed to do to work through in order to live with hope for getting past disabilities and making tomorrows better. I am grateful that all of your staff was available for us and at any time.

My overall experience with DiSandro and Malloy is positive, supportive, and caring. Thank you for your integrity and professionalism with a very genuine slant.

~ J.A.

Sometimes fate offers you unusual opportunities. Having spent a period of my life working for the U.S. Congress, I admit I wasn’t fond of lawyers and had not needed legal assistance until 2012 when I got struck by a truck while walking my dog while and crossing the street at an intersection in Hamilton, NJ. The truck driver was blinded by the morning sunlight, accidentally struck me, but fortunately missed my dog, although it caused me to fly some 20 feet and land on my head. The docs said I should have died, but for some reason I survived and woke up an hour later in the Trenton trauma center. Amazingly, I wasn’t visibly badly injured and was discharged a day later. So, I already had experienced two interesting life-changing events–surviving after what should have been a fatal injury, and my beloved dog avoiding getting struck by the same truck.

I stopped by my local car mechanic friend’s shop the next day to pick up my dog, whom he had rescued at the scene of the accident. He excitedly shared that his business surveillance cameras had actually filmed the entire accident, which occurred right in front of his business, which turned out to be Fortunate Event #3. I shared that I wasn’t fond of lawyers, who were already contacting me on behalf of the truck driver’s insurance company. He advised me that I needed to get a personal injury lawyer who would represent me. This turned out to be excellent advice, and he also referred me to his next-door neighbor in his PA home town, who turned out to be Kevin Malloy. Fortunate Event #4.

Kevin quickly came to my assistance, and continued to do so through numerous meetings over the next few years with his new client, me. Having access to his neighbor’s video surveillance of the accident was likely a lawyer’s dream.

I spent several months recuperating from my accident and benefiting from NJ’s disability insurance under my driver’s license. Not being able to return to my employment, I became depressed about whether I would be able to go back to work and pay my bills. I took advantage of the insurance benefit to get psychological counseling for my depression, which resulted in Fortunate Event #5. The clinical psychologist assured me that he could help me overcome my depression, but advised me that I apparently sustained neurological injuries from the accident, likely resulting from landing on my head. What resulted was several years of psychological and neurological tests and treatments to help me through the recovery of my mental injuries, which demonstrated neurological issues like losing some 20 points of my IQ, shortages of both my short- and long-term memory, and balance problems.

But, in spite of incurring a number of physical and mental injuries that meant I could no longer hold a job, I seemed to have ended up with premature permanent disabilities before I was even 60 years old. Through dozens of meetings with Kevin, diagnostic tests with psychologists and neurologists, and meetings with the opposing insurance lawyers seeking to demonstrate that I really was not permanently injured, I patiently waited for a trial date for the next few years in a NJ county that Kevin determined would be friendly to this victim, and he ascertained the insurance limits for the company that owned the truck that struck me. Kevin did his homework in preparation for the trial and also rehearsed the legal questions and answers with me.

The trial never occurred, with the judge, who had viewed the accident video and who had reviewed Kevin’s thorough evidentiary information, offering to settle the lawsuit quickly in her office. In classic TV law firm episode, she gathered Kevin and the insurance company’s lawyer, kicked me out of her office, and within 5 minutes, Kevin came out of the office and handed me a scrap of paper and asked me “Can you afford to live on this award for the rest of your life?” I quickly counted the zeros and said, “Yes.”

Thanks to Kevin, all my concerns about being permanently disabled and unsure about what I would do for the rest of my life, Kevin Malloy solved all my personal and financial concerns in a single lawsuit. The happy ending to this story is that I was able to buy a dream home on the Shenandoah River in Luray, VA, and invested the lawsuit settlement monies wisely. Ten years after my almost dying, I am using the award funds to build the first dog park in Page County, VA, this year. I’m naming it “Bailey’s Legacy Dog Park” in honor of my dog that missed getting hit by a truck. Kevin Malloy can handle my legal affairs anytime. A Class A performance.

~ D.F.

My experience with Kevin Malloy and his team was wonderful. Kevin went beyond for my case and I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome for my case. I highly recommend Kevin I promise you will not regret it. Thank you again Kevin.

~ H.C.

Doug DiSandro was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very pleased with the service and the settlement I received. My first contact was with Caroline who was able to schedule my first appointment at my house the next day. Despite the fact I thought my case was too small, Doug personally called to assure me it wasn’t and he would take it. Throughout the process, I had peace of mind knowing he was working hard on my behalf. He made me feel important. The service and settlement were so worth me making that first call. I would highly recommend him!

~ M.T.

I have known Douglas DiSandro for over 30 years My experience with his law firm has been nothing but great. He has been our family lawfirm for over 30 years I would highly recommend his firm to handle any legal issues you are experiencing. His firm and his staff are willing to listen to your situation no matter what legal issues you are experiencing . I have never been sent to voice mail each time you call no matter what time someone will answer and what I like about Doug is he will always get back to you no matter what time. I’m so grateful to have Douglas DiSandro as an attorney as well as a friend. Keep up the great work.

~ D.E.

Doug did an excellent job in getting me a very nice settlement in my accident case. Doug is sincere, honest and he will work very hard in getting you what you deserve and more. IN settling my accident case he had gotten me a lot more than what I had expected. I would recommend Doug to anyone who is looking for an excellent attorney who is willing to work hard for them. I would definitely use him again.

~ B.B.

Working with Doug was a truly wonderful experience. I wasn’t sure how things were going to go or what to do after my car accident. Doug made everything clear and explained each step so I understood how my case was going. He ensured I was kept in the loop and updated about the progress. His communication was great! I appreciate all that he did for me through the entire process. The best call I made was for him to be my attorney.

~ CS

I have come to know you and your staff very well. The personnel attention you have provided me was the strength that kept me going. Giving round the clock contact numbers made me feel secure that I had someone on my side. I want to thank you for your professional excellence and to extend it to Kevin Malloy as well. Thank you so much, from my family to yours.

~ TR

Doug and Kevin were with us every step of the process. Their counsel and support resulted in a positive outcome to a difficult situation.

~ Bob

Just thought we’d drop you a note to thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf. We were all stunned at the financial result you achieved for us in this matter. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure dealing with both you and your staff.

~ Stella and Maurice S.

My experience with DiSandro & Malloy has been a very good one. Doug and Andrew went over and above the call of duty. Doug promised he would do his very best for me. Guess what . . . HE DELIVERED. They met all of my expectations.

~ Eva Y

I can’t thank you both enough for all the hard work and tenacity you extended on my behalf, especially with Medicare. I could not have had better representation than you gave to my case. You are not only my attorneys, you are considered my dear friends.

~ AC

Andrew went above and beyond to settle my case quickly and with the utmost professionalism. I didn’t have to worry about a thing- I trusted him to handle every detail along the way. He kept me informed from start to finish and provided me with genuine advice.

~ Sarah

I just wanted to again thank you for your help with our legal matters. I highly recommend you and your firm on a regular basis as I am sure you know. Everyone that I have ever sent your way thanks me after dealing with you and Kevin. They are always impressed with your honesty, professionalism and realistic approach to their problems. My wife and I will continue to recommend you to anyone we know that would need your help.

~ DV

I was injured in an auto accident and was unhappy with my original attorney so I went to DiSandro & Malloy. Immediately upon talking to Doug DiSandro I knew that this was the firm I wanted to represent me. Mr. Kevin Malloy personally answered all of my e-mails and phone calls and spent as much time as necessary explaining various aspects of the case to me. DiSandro & Malloy got the other driver’s insurance company to settle for nearly $100,000.00, which was way more than I expected. I am really glad I had these guys in my corner.

~ Sarah M
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