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Railroad Accidents Are Not Common, but When They Happen You Need an Experienced Attorney

Railroad crossing accidents are unforgettable images. A 125-250 ton train crashing into a motor vehicle may cause catastrophic damage and severe injuries or death to the passengers of the vehicle. Victims of train accidents need to seek out the legal advice of an experienced railroad accident lawyer to determine if their case warrants legal action against a railroad company.

After a railroad crossing accident has occurred, railroad companies may complicate the case by placing the blame for the accident on inattentive drivers. Our railroad crossing lawyers at DiSandro & Malloy, P.C. will investigate the circumstances of your accident to check whether or not the railroad company was negligent in their duties to maintain any of the railroad crossing signals, signs, flashing lights, or gates that may have prevented your accident from occurring. If negligence can be shown, you may have a claim against the railroad company.

Train Accident Causes

In 2009, the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis reported 5,438 total railroad incidents/accidents. Of those accidents, there were 313 fatalities and 3,824 non-fatalities. When a railroad company is at fault for an accident, there are many possible causes. The FRA classifies these causes into several categories including:

  • Equipment (damaged flange or tread, broken rim)
  • Highway (user inattentiveness, deliberate crossing disregarding)
  • Human (shoving movement failure to control, speeding)
  • Track (defective/missing crossties, worn/broken switch point)
  • Signal (Power switch failure, classyard autocontrol system switch failure)
  • Miscellaneous (auto hump retarder failed to slow car, snow, ice, mud on track

These and many other malfunctions have led to the serious injury or death of many motorists throughout the years. Victims of train accidents need the legal advice and representation of our experienced railroad accident lawyers to fight for compensation from negligent railroad companies.

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