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If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and suffered serious injuries, contact the DiSandro & Malloy, P.C. personal injury law firm today so that we may discuss your case and determine how we can fight for financial compensation needed to get you back on the road to recovery!

Car Accidents

Our lawyers aggressively pursue the compensation our clients need to fully financially recover from their personal car accident-related injuries.

SUV Accidents

If you have been injured in an SUV rollover accident or suffered injuries because of a collision with an SUV, you may be eligible for compensation.

Truck Accidents

Insurance companies covering commercial trucks and business vehicles in accidents do not always want to give victims fair settlements for their property damage.

Motorcycle Accidents

Even when a motorcyclist strictly adheres to the laws of the road, they always have a higher risk of injury or death than the drivers of other vehicles because they are less protected.

Distracted Driving Accidents

If you have suffered car accident-related injuries because of someone’s cell phone use while driving or their negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay for your pain and suffering.

Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash and neck injuries are the most common car accident-related injuries, which can be sustained in low-speed, low-impact rear end accidents.

DUI & DWI Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident resulting from drug or alcohol impaired driving, you may need an experienced attorney’s help to get personal justice.

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If you have sustained serious injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact DiSandro & Malloy, P.C. today! Our Personal Injury attorneys have extensive litigation experience and are ready and willing to fight for your rights as a victim. We serve clients with personal injury claims in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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