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Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorneys

semi truck in side mirrorSemi trucks are responsible for keeping goods stocked in stores from coast to coast. Unfortunately, their size and the push of some carrier companies to make unrealistic delivery times also means that semi trucks are responsible for thousands of accidents each year.

While there are some tips for avoiding semi truck accidents, the reality is that many accidents cannot be avoided by defensive driving alone. Truck driver negligence, including distracted driving, and improperly maintained vehicles are often the cause of devastating truck accidents.

The experienced trucking accident lawyers at DiSandro & Malloy, PC in Philadelphia, PA can help you financially recover after suffering a semi truck accident.

Trucking Accident Compensation

Unfortunately, the drivers and passengers of other vehicles suffer the most damage in a trucking accident. Injuries are often serious, requiring extensive and/or long-term treatment to fully recover. Many accidents are fatal.

A trucking accident lawyer can help you recover medical expenses and more through semi truck accident personal injury cases and trucking accident wrongful death lawsuits.

Get a Truck Accident Attorney’s Help

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you may be focusing on recovering from your injuries or mourning the loss of a loved one, so you do not have the time or energy to fight with insurance companies over compensation. But taking an insurance company’s initial settlement offer can often leave you paying for medical expenses out of pocket.

The truck accident attorneys at DiSandro & Malloy, PC will fight for you. We have the resources to investigate the real cause of your tractor trailer accident. We know how to build effective cases to help you fight for fair compensation. And we are here to answer your questions about a truck accident claim.

Contact DiSandro & Malloy, PC. Our truck accident attorneys have the experience that works for you!

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