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Philadelphia Attorneys for Trucking Accident Death Cases

Trucking Accident DeathsAlmost 5,000 people are killed every year in truck accidents. Of those who are killed, 98% are the occupants of passenger vehicles, not the truck driver. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is one of the top five states for fatal truck accidents.

If you have had the misfortune of losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident, you may have lost more than a companion. You may have lost financial security because of the loss of your loved one’s earnings and benefits. The experienced truck accident and wrongful death lawyers at DiSandro & Malloy, PC in Philadelphia, PA can help you financially recover from your loss.

Truck Accident Wrongful Death Compensation

Truck accident lawyers can help you calculate a fair wrongful death claim that helps you recover:

  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Lost earnings (calculated until your loved one’s expected retirement date)
  • Lost retirement and medical benefits

Trucking accident attorneys can also pursue compensation that reflects your loss of your loved one’s companionship.

Trucking Accident Attorneys Can Help

Losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident is a stressful time. Some insurance companies may try to take advantage of your grief and propose a settlement they hope you take. But initial settlement offers, while they may look attractive as a lump sum, are often inadequate to cover the expenses you’ll face in the months and years after your loved one’s death.

The truck accident lawyers at DiSandro & Malloy, PC are ready to battle with insurance companies so that you do not have to. We have the resources and the experience to build effective cases to help demonstrate truck driver or trucking company liability. We will tirelessly pursue your fair compensation, all the way to trial if necessary.

You have been through enough. Let the trucking accident attorneys at DiSandro & Malloy, PC help you fight for compensation to help you preserve your financial security after your loved one’s death. Contact us today for a free consultation.

For a FREE CONSULTATION with experienced fatal truck accident lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, call 215-587-9900; in New Jersey, call 856-429-3700!