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SUV Rollover Accident Attorneys—New Jersey and Philadelphia

From the mid-1990s until the present, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have made their presence known in the motor vehicle world. Almost every major car company has manufactured at least one SUV to be sold alongside their cars. Safety and quality have always been advertised as an SUV’s most valuable assets, yet the rate of SUV rollover accidents remains high.

SUV Rollovers

SUV Rollover AccidentBecause of their top-heavy design and narrow wheel track, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declares that SUVs are three times more likely than other vehicles to rollover in a motor vehicle accident. Passengers are generally injured from the crushing weight of the vehicle because some of the roofs and structural supports are not designed to withstand the impact of a rollover. Due to these design flaws, victims may be eligible to seek compensation from negligent manufacturers.

Injuries from SUV Rollover Accidents

Design and manufacturing flaws have led some to accuse SUV manufacturers of creating dangerous vehicles. These flaws have resulted in many serious injuries and deaths of drivers and passengers during SUV rollover accidents. The most common injuries resulting from SUV rollovers include:

When these and other serious injuries occur, the aftermath can be life-changing. Individuals may be unable to work, have reduced happiness in life, acquire medical bills and prescription drug costs, and suffer with the pain of their injuries. These victims need to seek the advice of an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney to fight for the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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