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Experienced Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Experienced AttorneysIf you are seeking compensation for whiplash or hoping to recover lost wages because a car crash caused you to miss work, you may need an attorney to fight for what you may be entitled to under Pennsylvania personal injury law.

To get the most compensation, you need a lawyer with experience handling motor vehicle accident cases. But you also want a Philadelphia car accident law firm that gives you and your case the attention it deserves.

To fight for everything you are entitled to after a car crash, you want the attorneys at DiSandro & Malloy, PC in Philadelphia, PA.

Our Experience

E. Douglas DiSandro and Kevin M. Malloyare motor vehicle lawyers with over 50 years of combined trial experience helping victims of car crashes resulting from:

Our extensive experience with car accident cases means we know how to build effective cases to fight for your just compensation.

Our Focus

Attorneys DiSandro & Malloy, PC have extensive experience with car crash cases. We’ve seen how clients are treated when attorneys have too many cases, and we decided to do something different. DiSandro & Malloy, PC is a boutique law firm, concentrating oncar accident-related personal injury cases. We directly represent our clients, and we maintain personal contact with them from start to finish.

Our primary focus is getting our clients all the compensation they are entitled to under the law. We know that victims of car and SUV accidents, commercial truck accidents and alcohol-related accidents deserve much more than the settlements insurance companies initially offer, and we’re committed to fighting for it!

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If you have suffered in a car crash, put the experience and expertise of attorneys DiSandro & Malloy, PC to work for you! Contact ustoday.

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